Monday, January 16, 2006

Abuse of Muslim Brothers prisoners

Egyptian activists are raising concern about the inhumane treatment of the jailed Muslim Brothers members. Since they were rounded up by State Security Investigators (SSI) during the last election, those prisoners have not been charged with any crimes, have no right to attorney and are deprived of their basic human needs, according to Egyptian NGOs.

Mr. Ahmed Abdelhafaz, the jailed Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson in Alexandria began a hunger strike in protest of the inhumane treatment and the constant physical and psychological abuse him and other Brotherhood prisoners are suffering on the hands of the prison administration at Borg Al Arab prison in the suburbs of Alexandria.

Some of them do not even have their proper IDs because they were not given time to gather their personal belongings when they were arrested. Prisoners as many as 25 were placed in 14x19 feet filthy cells.

In addition, the government is withholding medical treatment from some of the chronically ill prisoners and subsequently, their condition is gradually deteriorating.

Here is the partial list of some of those gravely ill prisoners Units # 25 at Borg Al Arab Prison


1-Adel Abdel Ghani 95699 Congestive Heart Failure

2-Khaled E. Al Issawy 95800 Liver Cirrhosis, Upper GI bleed

3-Abdel Kader Al Agami 95269 Severe Peptic Ulcer with excruciating pain

4-Hamed El Zayat 95053 Diabetes and Liver Cirrhosis

5-El sayed Egeez 95862 Herniated cervical, lumbar and sacral discs

6-Essam Kasabah 95654 Generalized Herpes Zoster

7-Abdel Fatah Mohamed 95715 Esophageal Varices and Liver Cirrhosis

8-Elsayed Abou Elhamayl 95589 Osteomyelitis of Right leg

9-Tayseer Daba 95056 Severe Bronchial Asthma

10-Abdallah El sebaey Liver and kidney failure & requires dialysis

11-Mohamed Al Bendary 95858 Uncontrolled Diabetes

12-Ahmed Mira 95061 Herniated cervical Disc & Left Otitis Media

13- Mohamed Taraf 95588 Bronchial Asthma

14-Mohsen Al Atrabi 95723 Herniated Lumbar and Sacral discs


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