Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Human Rights Groups Come to Ayman Nour's Assistance

A coalition of Egyptian human rights groups has released an announcement calling for the release of Ayman Nour. Here is their statement.

"A delegation of representatives of 14 human rights organizations today went to meet with the Public Prosecutor at the High Court House to demand the release of Mr. Ayman Nour, Chairman of the Ghad Party in view of the deterioration of his health condition upon his hunger strike since the 11thof December 2005. The petition submitted by the organizations referred to the health problems of Mr. Nour, each of which constitutes a major danger to his life. Mr. Nour suffers hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and gastric ulcer. His hunger strike caused a worrying rise in the acetone level of his blood.

The Public Prosecutor informed the delegation that he has contacted the public attorney for South Cairo and has referred the petition to him to be presented from there to the relevant court. He also stated that the procedures indicating that Mr. Nour has already been condemned have been withdrawn from his file and that Mr. Nour will be treated as “under temporary arrest”. He also issued his orders allowing his private doctor to examine him and follow up his management in hospital, allowing Mr. Nour exceptional visits.

The arrival of the delegation at the Court house was met by a large gathering of antiriot and state security intelligence police who held the delegation for half an hour preventing it from meeting the public prosecutor."

News reports today indicated that intravenous fluids are making a difference. BBC reported Nour's condition is improving. The Middle East Times noted his hospitalization in a news brief. The American press, however, has been quiet. It's latest mantra seems to be that the secular opposition such as Ayman Nour is old news and that the Muslim Brothers remain the only credible opposition.


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