Sunday, May 14, 2006

Detained Prisoners at Risk

The el Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Domestic Violence has circulated an alert about several of the prisoners arrested in the Judges protests who are at risk for their lives. Three of them have serious health issues and aren't getting necessary health treatments while in prison. One of them is "at risk of death," the center said. Below is the statement and action request

Doctor Mohammed Zare’e, who was detained on 11/5/2006 while demonstrating in support of judges, is facing the danger of death, since he has" insulin dependent diabetes" unstable state. At present Zare’e suffers from diabetic foot, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension.

Any delay in referral of Zare’e to a well equipped hospital may lead to gangrene and septicemia. This complication may lead to death.

In addition to the critical case of Zareh there are two other detainees who are also seriously ill: Yasser Al Drouby has "insulin dependent diabetes" and

Ahmed Salaah who has "chronic obstructive lung disease and emphysema".

We call upon you to appeal for the release of Mohammed Zare’e, Yasser Al Drouby and Ahmed Salah or at least transfer them to a suitable hospital.


President Hosni Mubarak: Fax: +202 3901998

Minister of Justice: Fax: +202 7922263 -7922265 -7922267

Minster of Health: Fax: +202 7953966

Attorney general: Fax: +202 5757165

Doctor Hamdy Al Sayyed, Head of Doctor's Syndicate: Fax: +202 7962751

Prison Administration: Fax: + 202 5741871

(My note: The Egyptian embassy in the United States can be reached by phone at (202) 895-5400. It's fax is (202) 244-4319. E-mail is


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