Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mubarak's Police Strike Again

Sixteen members of the Judges Club were arrested Monday during a sit-in protesting the government's muzzling of democratic forces. Those arrested included Judge Mahmoud Hamza and Kefaya member Prof. Yehia Qazzas. Supporters also say that activists with the Ghad party -- led by jailed politician Ayman Nour -- were arrested as well. News reports as well as e-mails from activists indicate that one senior judge was beaten before being arrested and was later released from custody. The other 15 remain in custody.

But the arrests are not slowing down the Judges. Word comes today that a big demonstration march will be led Thursday by the judges and other activists in conjunction with the expected official interrogation of the arrested judges that day.

Here's what other bloggers and the media are saying about the arrests.

The BBC reports on the event.

Middle East Times mentions the use of force by security officials.

The Muslim Brothers also cited the event.


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